Beit Kandinof: a place to enjoy, create and collect

Pssssssst, have you heard about this place? A few weeks ago, a friend of mine celebrated her birthday in Beit Kandinof and I was surprised I hadn’t heard of it yet! It opened its doors eight months ago in Jaffa and has a very unique and interesting concept, different from any other place I’ve seen. It’s the result of an idea by two creative souls from two different worlds, combining art with a bar& restaurant. Arianna brought in the art in Beit Kandinof; brought up in her father’s art gallery in Florence, she became an artist herself and developed herself as an entrepreneur – a woman with a vision, breaking down glass ceilings. I met up with her and asked her a few questions about Beit Kandinof, so you get to know the place a little better ;) Can you tell us a bit about Beit Kandinof, what is the concept? In short, Beit Kandinof is a bar, restaurant and art exhibition/education center. We’re located in the heart of Jaffa and showcase local artwork, rotating exhibitions and art classes. There is a tattoo shop and we host many events, both private and public. We wanted to create a place with a soul; a place that is unique and alive, where art becomes accessible to all. What can people expect on a night out in Beit Kandinof? This is part of the beauty of this place: every night is different! There are constant changes in art exhibitions, so there is always something new to see. The art is showcased where you eat and drink, as well as in the residency room that hosts specific exhibitions. All the art at Beit Kandinof is for sale and you can see the artists at work. Many evenings there is live music or a DJ; check the events page on Facebook to see what’s coming up!

One of the projects is a changing exhibition in the ‘main hall’; the art work hanging on the walls is an interpretation from different artists on a specific word or description. Until February 1st the word is ‘shelter’ and it’s interesting to see how different artists interpret what shelter is to them. What is your favorite dish on the menu, something we shouldn’t miss out on? Definitely try the Ceviche! The whole menu is based on local dishes and has a wide variety of styles of food, from seafood pappardelle to the open sabich. What I really appreciate about Beit Kandinof – and why I decided to write about it – is its creative concept. Stepping inside you can feel this place has a soul, there’s so much thought and love behind everything. That’s why I think it’s truly unique. Every visit the place surprises me; different crowd, new art, changes in the menu, etc. Yesterday when I was there they offered an additional menu, with many dishes in a smaller size for only 19 shekels. My friend and I ordered four different dishes (the ceviche included) and it was great!

Have you ever thought about being the artist itself? Try one of the art classes at Beit Kandinof! You’re making your own art work (with a professional artist there to guide you, of course) while drinking wine with your friends, what is not fun about that?! I tried it and – after some wine – I actually felt inspired to make something (not so very) artistic; it was even somewhat therapeutic to paint that canvas. Click on the picture for more info and upcoming Drink and Draw events.