“Home is where your story begins…”

Over the past few weeks it seems winter has arrived in Israel.. Though this season is very short here, now it is the time we feel like being at home! Curled up in a blanket with a hot cup of coffee I came up with this idea for the blog this week. Though I'm a travel writer and photographer, why not choose ‘home’ as a destination? Making my house feel like home is something very important to me, especially in the winter. Growing up in Holland, winters were much colder (and longer) and creating a ‘home’ was very important; we even have a word in Dutch for this homey feeling: ‘gezellig’. Why am I sharing this with you? Trust me, if there is one word that sums up Holland it is gezellig! It’s a bit similar to ‘cozy’, only more widely used and it emphasizes good vibes. Good vibes and good atmosphere is very important to Dutch people. 'Gezellig' has become so important, we use it in almost every sentence for every occasion! Everything must be gezellig; a party, being at work, brunch with friends, etc. And it all starts with making our house feel like home.

home sweet home Have you ever thought about what makes your house feel like home? For me it is being greeted by two happy dogs, the pictures on the wall, my boyfriend's herb garden on the balcony, the smell of home made soup… One of my favorite parts of the apartment is my kitchen floor, it's the colorful blue floors I've photographed for this blog. Seeing this when getting into the kitchen just puts a smile on my face! Besides the kitchen floor in my apartment, I really have a thing for candles (scented candles are the BEST!); it’s one of my favorite things to buy! The house is always filled with Sabon candles, it’s just gezellig ;) What is really funny about my candle obsession, is that I always first get complaints from people coming over; they don't see the point and think it's too dark in the house (bright fluorescent lights at home are my worst decorating nightmare), but afterwards their opinions have ALWAYS changed. Apparently lighting some candles makes a big impact.. ;) Writing this blog made me aware of how much time and effort I put in my house to make it my own, a place where I can relax, enjoy the moment & smile. Below you can read where I get my inspiration from!

You gotta love Pinterest. I must admit I’m pretty addicted to this platform, the amount of ideas is just endless! I need to stop myself from redecorating my house all the time… I gathered some amazing Pins for you on how to make your house ‘gezellig’; from how to use Ikea furniture in a creative way to having a little herb garden on your balcony. Click on the picture to explore! Next week we’re getting out of the house again, it’s time for a little trip…